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Wound Care‚Äč

1. Clean the wound using Gauze Swabs soaked in a little sodium chloride or Chlorhexadine.

2. Apply Betadine or manuka honey ointment to the cleaned wound.

3. Cover wound with Melolin Sterile Dressing or a strip of Gauze Dressing.

4. Cover the dressing with a band of cotton wool.

5. Wrap with Gamgee or Cotton Wool Roll.

6. Bandage with Vetwrap or Elastoplast to hold dressings securely in place.

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1. Wrap around the leg above the knee or hock joint two or three times, then bring the bandage down across the front of the joint & wrap around the leg below the joint.

2. Bring the bandage back up across the front of the joint & wrap around the leg above the joint again.

3. Continue wrapping in a figure 8 pattern around the joint at least 2 or 3 times until the bandage is neatly in place & secure.