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Our Story

We've loved every minute of our journey !

Hi I'm Jude Otto!

I'm the proud owner & operator of Bay Performance Supplies based in the Lower Kaimais in the Bay of Plenty.  My years as a competitive & successful equestrian rider & Olympic groom have taught me just how important it is that our horses get the very best care we can give them.  

When Highland Park Equine Rehab was established in 2013, I found the need to source good quality wound products that I could use in my own rehab business and to satisfy the demands that a growing market needed.

Our Mission

Bay Performance Supplies endeavours to meet the needs of trainers, studs and equestrians who understand the benefits of providing their animals with high-quality natural supplements and wound care. 

We import products in bulk from overseas and source New Zealand made products to suit the demands of our many clients who trust the efficacy of these great products.  

Everything we sell at Bay Performance Supplies has been trialled in our rehab centre Highland Park Equine & can be recommended to our clients.